Diagnostic Tests Completed In


ApolloDx’s Mobile Diagnostic Platform provides laboratory-quality test results in 10 minutes or less, expediting diagnosis and treatment for patients.

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Mobile Platform

ApolloDx’s Mobile Diagnostic Platform utilizes the users’ smart device to provide qualitative and quantitative results at the point of care.

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Full Range of Analytes

ApolloDx is capable of testing a full range of analytes from the smallest ions to whole cells and everything in between.

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Real Time Analytics

By utilizing the power of the smartphone ApolloDx is able to offer real time analytics on test results world wide.

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Real Time Tracking

With GPS tagging on every diagnostic test ApolloDx can track the spread of infectious disease in real time, allowing global health leaders the opportunity to be ahead of the problem rather than behind it.Learn More

Data Integration

With it’s capability to integrate into healthcare and laboratory information systems as well as providing advanced data analytics, ApolloDx is truly the diagnostic device of the future.

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