We must work harder to develop less invasive testing.  If a single drop of blood holds the answers that we need, then we should develop tests that only require a single drop of blood.

Jared Bauer
CEO ApolloDx

The power of a single drop of blood…

Fingerstick samples are relied upon to diagnose and maintain the health condition of hundreds of millions of people. Nearly ONE BILLION glucose tests alone are performed around the world using fingerstick samples every day. But the use of fingerstick samples diagnostic testing is even more expansive than glucose as indicated below in the partial list of FDA approved medical diagnostic tests below:

ABO and Rh blood typingC-reactive protein (CRP)Lead
ALP (liver enzyme)GlucoseLow density lipoprotein (LDL)
ALT (liver enzyme)GranulocytesLithium
Allergy testingHepatitis C virusLymphocytes
AmylaseHigh density lipoprotein (HDL)Malaria
BNP (beta natriuretic protein)HemoglobinMonocytes
CholesterolHemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)Syphilis
Colon cancerHIV-1/-2Triglycerides
CreatinineHerpes simplex virus (HSV)Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
EbolaHomocysteineUrinary tract infections (UTI)
Celiac diseaseINR / Prothrombin timeYeast infections

There are over
tests used every day that use a single drop of blood
There are at least
FDA cleared tests that use a single drop of blood

Among these FDA-approved or –cleared tests are diagnostics for critically important blood clotting time, tests for deadly infectious diseases (for which lay people with no previous training have been approved in taking their own fingerstick sample), tests for hormones, enzymes, drugs, cardiovascular health and others critical to proper healthcare.

The are clinically significant reasons for many companies seeking and obtaining regulatory approval or clearance for their testing technologies using fingerstick samples including:

  • Fingerstick samples are fresh; sample experience no transportation related degradation
  • Testing can be performed immediately, at the point-of-need
  • Medical diagnostic devices using fingerstick samples provide test results in minutes, not hours, days or even weeks experienced with traditional, central lab testing
  • Tests using fingerstick samples are simple to perform; no phlebotomist is required

ApolloDx’s system is designed to perform diagnostic testing using liquid samples including fingerstick blood samples.