ApolloDx has developed an inexpensive new mobile device for sensitively and accurately profiling analyte concentrations, regardless of analyte type within a biological sample. Applications for this platform are emerging constantly, and ApolloDx is actively seeking collaborations for mutual benefit with its partners.

ApolloDx’s platform has the ability to revolutionize therapeutic development, clinical trials, and deployment.

Companion diagnostics

ApolloDx’s diagnostic system, which is as easy to use as a glucometer, provides medical professionals with the ability to rapidly test patient drug, and biomarker levels. In the future, patients may test themselves, and have test results automatically transmitted to their healthcare provider within minutes of the test being taken by the patient. This ability enables the healthcare provider to precisely titrate the patient’s dose or biomarker status quickly. Current Companion Diagnostics (CDx) requires the patient to be present for testing, with their results often available in 1-2 days.


  • Home Testing
  • Low Cost
  • Ease of Use


Unlike traditional clinical diagnostic testing, ApolloDx’s point-of-need diagnostic system can consolidate testing for a widely diverse range of analytes from as small as ions to as large as whole cells on a single consumable test strip. In simple terms, this means that with ApolloDx’s diagnostic system, a single strip and a single drop of blood, the user can simultaneously perform multiple tests that would be normally conducted on different instruments.



  • Drug Candidate Screening
  • Clinical Trials
  • Regulatory Approval Evaluations
  • Companion Diagnostic
  • Patient Screening
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