Multiplexing White Paper

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ApolloDx is pleased to announce that it has compiled a White Paper addressing the need for better Multiplexing in POC tests.

Multiplexing enables the diagnostic testing device to lower healthcare costs by performing two or more tests per one consumable. Multiplexing becomes very powerful with the ApolloDx diagnostic technology particularly when testing more than one different analyte type such as, in pairs of analytes, a drug-gene or a drug-protein combination or, for a triple set of analytes, such as a drug-gene-protein combination.

ApolloDx’s platform can significantly impact diagnoses in multiple applications including:

  1. HIV testing.
  2. Opioid testing.
  3. Companion diagnostic testing.

ApolloDx’s technology can test almost any analyte from as small as ions to as large as whole cells and all clinically important analyte intermediate in size using the same test strip.

Most/all other diagnostic systems are limited to testing one analyte type. Currently, blood is drawn from a patient into multiple tubes containing different anticoagulants and the blood in these tubes are further subdivided in the central lab for processing specific tests for different analytes. For ApolloDx’s platform, none of this is dividing and subdividing is required.

To request the full paper please email: