ApolloDx, LLC is a in vitro (IVD) mobile point-of-care (POC) diagnostic company, which offers a new testing paradigm, utilizing advanced technology and decentralized testing in conjunction with backend connectivity to a centralized data repositories. ApolloDx’s passion is to decrease the cost and increase the quality of healthcare. ApolloDx’s POC platform is applicable to medical and non-clinical markets in all international geographies.

ApolloDx represents an exciting opportunity to be part of the digital health revolution. We are passionate about changing the face of healthcare and are eager to partner with investors who share our vision.

ApolloDx Hardware Device


  • Core technology: electrochemistry based platform broadly applicable across the full range of analytes unlike many other POC systems; real time results; tests often completed in 10 minutes or less; requires only a drop of blood, saliva (cheek swab) or urine sample.
  • Addressable markets: multiple big market opportunities in POC infectious disease, drug and other testing.
  • System has been validated against infectious diseases HIV, Dengue fever and MRSA.

The Problem

Physicians, clinics and hospitals send the overwhelming majority of patient samples to centralized laboratories for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing. Doing so requires transporting samples through multiple couriers and processing them using highly skilled technicians and an expensive infrastructure. Samples can and do degrade during this non-value added transportation process. Additionally, multiple manual entries of sample/test information into information systems introduces additional inefficiency and potential errors. Delays in obtaining test results in this way compromises the quality of care, potentially the quality of data,  increases cost, and compromises the quality of care provided by the medical professional.


ApolloDx Solution

ApolloDx is revolutionizing diagnostics using its small, accurate, and simple platform. The platform is controlled by a smart device for rapid, POC medical tests for infectious diseases, cardiac and cancer biomarkers, hormone and genetic testing, drug dosage evaluations, etc. using a single drop of blood. Unlike competing platforms with limited capabilities, ApolloDx’s platform can:

  • Detect the full range of analytes: ions, drugs, peptides, proteins, genes, and whole cells.
  • Detect most analytes without the need for target amplification which substantially shortens assay development time while decreasing the complexity and cost required per test and timing to produce a test result.  This enables sensitive detection of low level analytes by individuals who are not highly trained in diagnostic test techniques
  • Provides clinicians with products possessing longer shelf life without the need for refrigeration,

With these characteristics, ApolloDx’s device can be used in the finest of western hospitals and the most remote villages in developing nations.

By integrating a smart device, diagnostic data is further enhanced in ApolloDx’s system by linkage to remote servers. ApolloDx will capitalize on this by offering data as a service, linking test results directly to the patient files in hospital and laboratory databases. Additionally ApolloDx will offer value added data analytics by tracking the spread of disease, integrating patient data into their EMR (electronic medical record) in real time, and modeling the data for more advanced analytics. To date, ApolloDx has validated its POC technology both externally and/or internally with five assays. ApolloDx’s instrument produces laboratory quality results. ApolloDx has programmed the database and app for the Android platform and established real-time reporting systems.

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