ApolloDx and CDx

Editor News

ApolloDx is pleased to announce that it has recently completed a White Paper addressing what ApolloDx can do for companion diagnostics.

A summary is below:

Pharma industry problems

Dramatically decreasing efficiency in bringing new molecular entities (NME; new drugs) to market along with rapidly increasing pharmaceutical R&D spending.

Many proprietary drug patent expire by 2015 totaling $150B in annual sales.

ApolloDx Solution

ApolloDx’s diagnostic system, which is as easy to use as a glucometer, provides medical professionals with the ability to rapidly test patient drug, and biomarker levels.  In the future, patients may test themselves and have test results automatically transmitted to their healthcare provider within minutes of the test being taken by the patient.  This ability enables the healthcare provider to precisely titrate their patient’s dose or biomarker status quickly.  Current Companion Diagnostics (CDx) requires the patient to be present for testing with their results often available in 1-2 days.


ApolloDx’s companion diagnostic application can markedly improve

  1. the quality of the drugs pushed through the development process
  2. the speed to market of drugs
  3. their effectiveness once commercialized

thereby enhancing the pharmaceutical companies’ success and patient satisfaction in addressing serious medical conditions.

To request the full white paper please email: info@apollodx.com